Sep 032014

—-> Episode 21: The Boxtrolls <—- Beware! Spoilers ahoy! Paul & I went with  two friends to a very advance showing of The Boxtrolls, (the movie will release in the US in late September). It was followed up by a Q&A run by John Canemaker with Directors Anthony Stacci and Graham Annable, and LAIKA’s CEO Travis Knight. Allison […]

Jun 302013

  —-> Episode 19: Persistance of Vision & Kevin Shreck <—-   Our special guest kevin Schrek is the young filmmaker and documentarian behing “Persistence of Vision”, and incredible documentary about Richard Williams and his thirty-year-in-the making, unfinished masterpiece, “The Thief and the Cobbler.” It tells the story of not just Williams genius, but the awkward angles […]

Jun 162013
Episode 18: Best Cartoons for Girls 2

—-> Episode 18: Best Cartoons for Girls 2 <—-   The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy  (buy it here or download it here) Daria (buy it here or download it here) The Simpsons (buy it here or download it here) The Last Unicorn  (buy the movie here or download the movie here. buy the AMAZING  GRAPHIC NOVEL HERE. you can also get an audiobook  of author Peter S. Beagle […]

Jun 022013
Episode 17: Ranma 1/2

—-> Episode 17: Ranma 1/2 <—- You can find all kinds of super cheap Ranma 1/2 books and movies available here. Click here for a free audiobook of Terry Pratchett’s Monsterous Regiment. Shezow and Internet Uproar So, there was a huge media hit this week about a show called Shezow coming to the Hub. It was covered […]

Apr 282013
Episode 16: Fantasia – Nutcracker Suite

—-> Episode 16: Fantasia – Nutcracker Suite <—- Our two biggest references for this podcast series on Fantasia are VERY MUCH WORTH YOUR TIME! Fantasia Box Set A three disc Fantasia collector’s set, featuring two different audio commentaries, unseen animatic, unused sequences, SO MUCH production art from both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000! Fantasia by John Culhane The definative book on […]

Dec 092012
Episode 15: Adventure Time

—-> Episode 15: Adventure Time <—- Buy Adventure Time Season 1 Here Download “I Remember You” Here In this episode, we’re going to discuss Adventure Time, alternative storytelling and Rebecca Sugar. This episode of the Animated Things Club contains heavy spoilers for “I Remember You,” the episode of Adventure Time that aired on October 15, 2012. It […]

Nov 262012
Episode 14: Fantasia - Toccata & Fugue

—-> Episode 14: Fantasia – Toccata & Fugue <—- Our two biggest references for this podcast series on Fantasia are VERY MUCH WORTH YOUR TIME! Fantasia Box Set A three disc Fantasia collector’s set, featuring two different audio commentaries, unseen animatic, unused sequences, SO MUCH production art from both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000! Fantasia by John Culhane The […]

Oct 302012
Episode 13: Halloween Cartoons

—-> Episode 13: Halloween Cartoons <—- In this Episode we talk about 7 great cartoons to watch this Halloween. Scary Godmother’s Halloween Spooktacular (buy it here , buy the book here, and the comics here) Courage the Cowardly Dog, “Human Habitrail”  (buy it here or download it here) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, “Luna Eclipsed” (download it here) Halloween is Grinch Night (buy it here ) […]

Sep 032012
Episode 12: Best Cartoons for Girls 1

—-> Episode 12: Best Cartoons for Girls 1 <—- A recent google search lead me to believe that there is NO guide to good cartoons for girls! I did find one very short list, but it seemed to exist mostly so that the writer could bash what they thought bad cartoons for girls were. So I made […]

Aug 272012
Episode 11: Fantasia Intro

—-> Episode 11: Fantasia Intro <—- This is the first of a series of podcasts we’ll be releasing about Fantasia. In this episode, you’ll get an introduction to the history and context of the movie, why it is so important, and who the major players are. Fantasia was Walt Disnye’s second theatrical release, and the first movie […]

Aug 052012
Episode 10.5: Animalympics

—-> Episode 10.5: Animalympics <—- Animalympics was born as a 7-minute short when creator Steven Lisberger made it happen out of $10K grant from the American Film Institute shortly after his graduation from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. NBC backed his dream to turn the short into a full-length movie, complete with […]

Jul 022012
Episode 09: Season 2 Intro

—-> Episode 09: Season 2 Intro <—- Jon doesn’t have a computer yet, but he has two tin cans and a string, so we are back to recording – YAY! Our themes for this season are going to include women in animation (professional women in animation, lady characters in cartoons, and what cartoons are the best […]

Apr 092012

—> Animated Things Club Episode 07: Arrietty <— We apologize for the delay on the second podcast on Gargoyles! It’ll be up later this week  — cross our hearts and hope to die, stick a cupcake in our eyes! Hey, ATC is on iTunes! Maybe you drop by and review us sometime, huh? Facebook Twitter Email us:

Mar 032012

Instant Response Cast: DC Nation Premier Suzannah and Paul discuss the DC Nation programing block on the Cartoon Network, including Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and the amazing DC Nation shorts! Mild spoilers. Hey, ATC is on iTunes! Maybe you drop by and review us sometime, huh? Facebook Twitter Email us:

Feb 252012
Episode 05: Nezha nao hai

Suzannah and Jon discuss the multiple award winning Nezha (pronounced Niyah), a chinese film from 1979. Here is the podcast —-> Animated Things Club Episode 05: Nezha nao hai <— Today, we’re talking about a movie with a few different names. It’s a Chinese movie, and unlike Blossom, I haven’t been brushing up on my […]

Feb 212012

Winter cartoon seasons are wrapping up, especially over at the Cartoon Network. We had the season 3 finale of Adventure Time right before Valentine’s Day – with the introduction of a very new character. Can’t wait to see season 4! Starting in March, we’ll have the DC Nation block of shorts on the Cartoon Network. […]

Feb 112012
Episode 04.5: Valentine Viewing

Suzannah discusses what to watch, whether you want romance or realism on this hallmark holiday! Here is the podcast —-> Animated Things Club Episode 04.5: Valentine’s Viewing <— I don’t know anyone who looks forward to Valentine’s day. Even when you’re content in a relationship, it tends to be a “holiday” that causes an awful lot of […]

Feb 092012

California Dreamworks is having an Art of Puss in Boots exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Fransisco. I thought that movie was just beautiful, and I love production art, so I would say go – it’s only there until April 22. **UPDATED FOR NEW EVENT** Bellarmine College in LA is having a BIG event on February […]

Feb 062012

SUPERBOWL ADS! As per usual, if you miss anything, you can watch it again on Hulu. My favorite for animation so far is the post-apocalyptic effects in this ad! And this gets an honorable mention based entirely on the “what was that?” reaction it gave everyone at my place. What do you think? Good stuff this year?

Feb 012012

Monty Python are going to be making a new cartoon movie! WITH ROBIN WILLIAMS! Stephen Colbert interviewed Maurice Sendak in a wonderfully funny way on The Colbert Report (interview has two parts). Terry Gross got him in a wonderfully touching way on Fresh Air. One will make you laugh, one will make you cry. If you’re in Las Vegas, you can catch the […]

Jan 282012
Episode 03: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Hey, ATC is on iTunes! Maybe you drop by and review us sometime, huh? Suzannah and Jon discuss the phenomenal remake of the My Little Pony franchise. Spoiler alert: it’s good. Here is the podcast —-> Animated Things Club Episode 03: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic <— This is one of a two-part crossover podcast that […]

Jan 242012

Daily Motion has a DC Nation Short from the folks at Aardman. If you remember the Creature Comforts shorts Aardman has been doing at least since the mid 80s, it’s basically the same thing. The Catwoman bit is my fave, but they’re all pretty great!   Oscar Nominations are in! Hugo‘s up for a LOT of […]

Jan 152012

Animated Things Club Episode 02.5: Scooby Doo Broadcast History Here are the show notes for the podcast. Suzannah and Jon discuss the broadcast history of Scooby Doo. Did you know that Shaggy once had a robot butler? Or a girlfriend? Facebook Twitter Email us:

Jan 112012

Suzannah and Jon discuss the newest incarnation of the Scooby Doo franchise. We’ll cover a few of the key players in the creative process, some of our favorite voice actors, and what makes this show so unexpectedly successful. Not unexpected in that it would be unexpected for this show to be good, but unexpected in […]

Dec 212011
Episode 01.5: Cosgrove Hall

—>Animated Things Club Episode 01.5: Cosgrove Hall<— Suzannah discusses the legacy of Cosgrove Hall (source of Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, Bananaman, and adaptations of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books) in our first minicast. We mentioned at the end of our Looney Toons Show podcast that the creator of Danger Mouse passed away. We were talking about […]

Dec 072011

Animated Things Club Episode 00: Introductions   In which you meet your lovely hosts, Suzannah and Jonathan, and get to learn a little bit about who we are and why we want to podcast about cartoons.  

Dec 062011

If you’re in LA today, you MUST go see this. Because I can’t. Cartoon Brew has the 2011 Annie Award Nominations. All of these nominations are great choices, but we’re particularly excited about Andreas Deja’s nomination for his work on this year’s Winnie the Pooh movie, and the two nominations that Adventure Time picked up! Speaking of Adventure Time, we’re […]

Nov 222011

The first few episode of the podcast are being recorded and edited, but while you’re waiting, check out these links … has some landmark moments in early animation history. Cartoon Brew’s first ever animation festival starts on December 1st! Amethyst of Gemworld is coming to the CN’s DC programming block, via the very talented […]