Feb 282012

Oscar-Winning Animation

By now, you probably know that Rango and The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore are our new oscar winners. Any thoughts, guys? Don’t forget to check in your area to see if there’s movie theater playing the nominated shorts as a single event – totally worth it!

Legend of Korra

There’s a new Legend of Korra trailer! I’ve been saying for years that Avatar: The Last Airbender was required viewing for anyone working in children’s entertainment, and I’m excited to see if the sequel will fill those big shoes! It’ll have less episodes than the original, but a lot of the world has already been established, so I don’t think there will be any detriment there.

You can find a lot of show art here!

Want to catch up before the new show starts? The DVD sets aren’t that pricey right now – you can pick up the  Book 1 DVD set, Book 2 DVD set, and Book 3 DVD set for a very reasonable price. The art of the show book is one of my personal favorites, and you can pick that up here!

Changes to the Website

You may have noticed, if you’re on the site regularly, that there’s a new area. We now have an Animated Store, which is basically one area on the site where you can go to buy things that we’ve talked about in the show, and everything you can buy is listed by podcast topic, with a section on the bottom for what Suzannah and Jon recommend in books about animation, video games, and comic books. We’re still linking to stuff in the podcast notes, but this collects everything together.

The store is powered by Amazon, which means that we get a tiny percentage of the profits if you buy something from our a-store. We’re looking for a way to offset the cost of webhosting, so if there’s anything in the store you want to buy, or if you donate through the paypal button on the site, you’re supporting the podcast.

It’s not a final thing. We’re hoping to find other, less obtrusive ways to cover the costs of webhosting.



Feb 212012

Winter cartoon seasons are wrapping up, especially over at the Cartoon Network.

  • We had the season 3 finale of Adventure Time right before Valentine’s Day – with the introduction of a very new character. Can’t wait to see season 4!
  • Starting in March, we’ll have the DC Nation block of shorts on the Cartoon Network. This one-hour time slot will include new half-hour shows Young Justice and Green Latern: The Animated Series, and the shorts that we talked about here from Aardman, and shorts from Lauren Faust (who we talked about here).
  • Next season of Thundercats is coming too! Whoo hoo!
  • Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie short is going to be a movie! This short was one of his earliest works – I wonder if this is going to be a prelude to retirement for him, or just the closing of a circle? Either way – can’t wait!


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Feb 012012
  • Monty Python are going to be making a new cartoon movie! WITH ROBIN WILLIAMS!
  • Stephen Colbert interviewed Maurice Sendak in a wonderfully funny way on The Colbert Report (interview has two parts). Terry Gross got him in a wonderfully touching way on Fresh Air. One will make you laugh, one will make you cry.
  • If you’re in Las Vegas, you can catch the Chuck Jones experience! If you have a chance to go, let me know, I would LOVE to go there myself! Here’s a limited photo tour of the place!
  • Qiu Anxiong has an exhibit up in Dallas right now at the Crowe Collection.  There’s a lot stop-motion animation in it, and based on this example of past animated works, I can only imagine how moving the show is going to be. Go if you can.
  • Don Herzfeldt (best known for Rejected!) is having a tour!

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Jan 252012

TWO dope sheets this week? Well, this should tide you over until the next podcast comes out :)

Also I was very remiss in not mentioning the Annies with all these Golden Globes and Oscars posts. D’oh! My only real objection is the lack of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the television categories – I don’t think the Canadian production of the show precludes it …  Zooey Deschanel is up for her collaborative work in Winnie the Pooh for Music in a Feature Production!

Disney has just announced thru official PR lines that they’re working with LUCAMAR Productions to produce a film version of “Into the Woods.” Rob Marshall, fresh from Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides will direct and James Lapine will adapt for the screen. (LUCAMAR belongs to Marshall and John DeLuca.) Marhsalls got a pretty good – and diverse – resume that includes musical experience. Sounds exciting!

If you’re not familiar with the Sondheim musical, it’s a reworking of a minor fairytale about a couple who want to reverse a curse that has left them childless, that incorporates better known fairytale stars such as Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. It seems likely that the movie will be live action (if not a mix, a la Enchanted).

So why am I talking about it if it’s live action? Well, because it’s freaking relevant, that’s why. If you’re into comic books at all, you might have heard of a little thing called Fables. It’s a phenomenal, long story about what would happen if the land of fairytales was invaded by a foreign enemy, and fairytales characters were forced to escape into the real world that we all live in and hide. That’s a really short sentance that truly does not do justice to the phenomenal storytelling of the series.

The popularity of the series isn’t an inspiration for the current TV shows Grimm and Once Upon a Time according to series creator Bill Willingham. Fables can’t really be called the pioneer in it’s field, as for better or for worse, Twilight forced open the door for the stuff of folklore to be seen as viable entertainment material, and before that Shrek was turning a white knight into a farting couch potato and Wicked was showing us a relatable side to the wicked witch. However, Fables is most likely what has held that door open since the shine wore off the controlling vampire boyfriend. Fairytales and realistic takes on them (the first issue opens with a scene of Beauty and the Beast pleading to Snow White that they need either a spell to disguise Beast’s monstrous appearance or, as he only turns into a monster when his wife is upset with him, marriage counselling) are very hot right now, because they are being told as fantastic stories in at least one forum.

Back to Disney and “Into the Woods.”

How hard would it be for Disney to do an animated take on that sort of ironic attitude to fairytales? They’ve put all of their stars together before (remember House of Mouse?) I’d love to see a movie of the Disney princesses in a realistic or ironic setting. It’s probably not going to happen with “Into the Woods”, but it seems like the natural next step!

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Jan 242012

Daily Motion has a DC Nation Short from the folks at Aardman. If you remember the Creature Comforts shorts Aardman has been doing at least since the mid 80s, it’s basically the same thing. The Catwoman bit is my fave, but they’re all pretty great!


Oscar Nominations are in!

Hugo‘s up for a LOT of awards! Best Picture (remember back when Beauty and the Beast was the first animated feature film to get a best Picture nom?) Art Direction, Costume Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Writing (Adapted Screenplay)! That’s six nominations! I’d love to see it to win in Art Direction particularly, but how great is it that an animated film is so well-received across the board?

The nominations for Best Animated Feature Film are pretty gratifying (at least for me!) I’m very happy to see A Cat in Paris  on the list, and Puss in Boots left me feeling happy and smiley for days. The other three nominations are Chico & Rita, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Rango.

I think this might be the first year that Pixar released a movie that didn’t make it in to this category. I think this is right – Cars 2 was fun, but it wasn’t Oscar-worthy, and that’s ok. Pixar has still made more life-changing movies that most movie houses, and a higher percentage of amazing movies per total release than almost anyone.

I love ALL of the nominations for Animated Short Film! They are Dimanche/Sunday, The Fantastic Flying Lessons of Mr. Morris Lessmore, La Luna, A Morning Stroll and Wild Life.

Finally, not exactly an animated thing, but very animation-adjacent, “Man or Muppet” from this year’s Muppet Movie has a best song nomination!

There’s no category for best surprise appearance of Jim Parsons. Sad face!

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Jan 172012

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A 1964 animatic of the The Hobbit is making the rounds on the internets. Cartoon Brew has some great details on it. It’s definitely not super faithful to the book, but the most important thing about it (in my mind) is that it’s just beautifully illustrated. Would be interesting to compare it to the other animated versions of The Hobbit someday.

Tintin and Hugo both just won golden globes – and I haven’t had the time to see either of them yet! Does anyone else feel guilty about stuff like that?

I was listening to a Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast about imaginary friends, and thinking back to the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends show in conjunction with the actual scientific data about the subject that the podcast offered. One of the best things about animation (to me) is the ability to hook into the way kids learn and think.

Beauty & the Beast 3D is out and getting insanely great reviews! The Tangled: Ever After short is also being talked up a lot in our animation-nerd circle. Go see ’em!



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Dec 152011

The 2012 Golden Globe nominations are in. Significantly, Hugo is nominated for Best Drama. I’m excited when things like this happen, because it supports animated films as cinematic art, not just as their own little categories on the side of the rest of the awards. Gnomeo & Juliet is up for best song (Elton John never disappoints) but it’s up against some pretty stiff competition. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out!

Best Animated movies are Tintin, Rango, Puss in Boots, Cars 2 & Arthur Christmas. So far I have only seen one of these – but have plans to see two more before the end of the year. I wanted to see Rango – it looked so surreal -but ran our of time.

Cyanide and Happiness will be a Comedy Central animated cartoon. This is great news! BUT that’s not all – they’re also adding ‘Robots’, which has talent from ‘The Office’ behind it and ‘Trip Tank’ which looks like it’s going to be a collection of shorts in a vein similar to what Cartoon Network used to be in the business of.

If you saw the Muppet Movie recently (and if you’re reading this I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t want to) you probably went home ready to re-watch every piece of muppet filmmaking you own. Cartoon Brew has some neat deets on “Alexander the Grape” which is backgrounded on Jim Henson’s Red Book. Quite neat and VERY 70’s …


Dec 062011

If you’re in LA today, you MUST go see this. Because I can’t.

Cartoon Brew has the 2011 Annie Award Nominations. All of these nominations are great choices, but we’re particularly excited about Andreas Deja’s nomination for his work on this year’s Winnie the Pooh movie, and the two nominations that Adventure Time picked up!

Speaking of Adventure Time, we’re planning a podcast on the show, but won’t be releasing it until 2012. After the last 2-3 new episodes, it’s impossible to discuss anything without massive spoilers, so we’re going to give people a little time to catch up. Same goes for Thundercats.

The Monster Engine website  seems to be down for now (probably from the amount of hits it’s been getting from this  article from Elezea.com.) It’s a series of illustrations that explore children’s drawings with the eyes of grownups. Being that a lot of cartoons are for children, it’s a great look at the difference between the way adults and children think.

Billie the Unicorn is going to be an animated storybook for your fave Apple product. I do love Brianne Drouhard’s artwork, and with a bit of luck it’ll be animated by her as well!


Nov 222011

The first few episode of the podcast are being recorded and edited, but while you’re waiting, check out these links …