Feb 092012
  • Dreamworks is having an Art of Puss in Boots exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Fransisco. I thought that movie was just beautiful, and I love production art, so I would say go – it’s only there until April 22.
  • **UPDATED FOR NEW EVENT** Bellarmine College in LA is having a BIG event on February 23. It’s an all-day event discussing race in comics and animation, and LeSean Thomas (the Boondocks cartoon, Black Dynamite, Ben 10, Batman:The Brave and the Bold, and Green Lantern: First Flight) and Brandon M. Easton (new Thundercats writer) will be there.
  • The Connecticut Science Center is having a really nice exhibit about animation – explaining the basics of it to those who don’t know much about the mechanincs. Great for kids or for adults fans who are interested in the technical aspects of animation. Cartoon Network has a very heavy presence in it. Hurry – it only runs until March 11!


New York

China: Hangzhou

Feb 012012
  • Monty Python are going to be making a new cartoon movie! WITH ROBIN WILLIAMS!
  • Stephen Colbert interviewed Maurice Sendak in a wonderfully funny way on The Colbert Report (interview has two parts). Terry Gross got him in a wonderfully touching way on Fresh Air. One will make you laugh, one will make you cry.
  • If you’re in Las Vegas, you can catch the Chuck Jones experience! If you have a chance to go, let me know, I would LOVE to go there myself! Here’s a limited photo tour of the place!
  • Qiu Anxiong has an exhibit up in Dallas right now at the Crowe Collection.  There’s a lot stop-motion animation in it, and based on this example of past animated works, I can only imagine how moving the show is going to be. Go if you can.
  • Don Herzfeldt (best known for Rejected!) is having a tour!

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