Best Cartoons for Girls


I wanted to compile a list of great cartoons for girls, so I started with the shows that I love.  I drew up a list of guidelines to help narrow down the best of the best.

Best Cartoons for Girls 1 – Cartoons for the Very Young

Best Cartoons for Girls 2 – Smart but Cynical

Best Cartoons for Girls 3 – Pure Badassery

Best Cartoons for Girls 4 – Diversity of the Female Experience

Best Cartoons for Girls 5 –  Best of the Best


  1. The lady characters can’t be one-dimensional.
  2. Main target audience cannot be adults.
  3. The cartoon had to pass the Bechdel Test. I modified the Bechdel test to accomodade for some of non-movie formats.  The conversations between female character have to occur at least twice in every season of a multi-season show, and the conversations can’t focus on ANY male character, or a ‘girl talk’ subject such as makeovers, identity crisis, or conflict resolution.
  4. The main female characters in the show can’t fall into any of the following categories:  unwanted romantic pursuer, parent or guardian figure, extended family member, or foil of the male main characters.
  5. If a female lead is smarter or more talented than the rest of the cast, it can’t be partnered with the cynicism that it won’t get her anywhere.
  6. Sterotypical girly things such as depictions of ballet, cake-making and resolving conflict, should not take up more than half of the show.
  7. The concept of gender has to exist in the show – no all-girl casts or gender neutrality.
  8. The show or movie has to have quality that stand up over time.
  9. I can’t be the only person who likes it, cuz that’s just favoritism


  2 Responses to “Best Cartoons for Girls”

  1. […] absolutely agree — you’ll see that in our ratings guide for best cartoons for girls, it doesn’t anywhere say that the lead character has to be a girl. However, keep in mind that […]

  2. What happened to the rest? I’ve been on the edge of my seat for years!!! I love that you did this and wonder what you have in store for the next three.
    +ps – would Adventure Time make the cut?

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