Episode 04: Beauty and the Beast 3D Show Notes


Here is the podcast —-> Animated Things Club Episode 04: Beauty and the Beast 3D

So, Disney’s got a plan to re-release a total of 5 movies as 3D presentations over the next two years. It was kicked off with ‘The Lion King’ this past summer (which took in over $100 million) which was such a massive success that four more movies were added to the roster! While we did not get a chance to see it, we’re both VERY excited to catch the next movie in the series, ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Suzannah is especially stoked for the final movie in the set, and her favorite movie of all time – ‘The Little Mermaid.’

So what does this mean for animation consumers? The simple – and wonderful – answer is that wonderful movies that a lot of parents have great memories of can now be shared with their own young children. Adults without kids get the opportunity to indulge in some serious nostalgia on the big screen. By all accounts, the 3D rendering looked VERY good on Simba, and Beauty and the Beast was just excellent! Here’s hoping that the huge success of the re-release of these movies from the first Disney renaissance helps to inspire another one.

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