Regular Hosts

Suzannah is a cross between Simon Cowell and Mary Poppins. Her favorite animated things are Dogtanian, The Little Mermaid, A Bug’s Life, and The Powerpuff Girls. Find her work online at and

Jonathan is big goofball who spends his free time inventing new ways to sneak up on Suzannah and make her drop stuff. His favorite animated things are DuckTales, Fantasia, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Darkwing Duck. Find him online at

We are  professionals in the comic book industry who share a love of animation so great that we had to present it to the world!

Guest Hosts

Jamie is hopefully going to be a regular guest! She works in the comic book industry, and has a strong background in literature and music. Her favorite animated things start with The Jungle Book.

Paul is a comic book industry pro. (You can’t move around here at ATC without running into them!) His favorite animated things are DougRocko’s Modern LifeThe SimpsonsSouth ParkStar Trek Animated, and Dragon Ball. Paul is the Editor behind, where he’s revolutionizing the superhero genre.

Steve is in comics as well — and great for conversation since he & Suzannah have historically speaking only liked things that the other person didn’t! His favorite animated things include Mighty Max.

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  1. What are you guys last names? I’m trying to cite your podcast for my paper..!

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